Australia has some of the most famous wine of the entire Southern Hemisphere. It is exported all over the world. One of the best vineyards for tourists to visit is Yarra Valley Wine. It is located close to Melbourne and offers visitors the chance to taste their high quality products.

There are also plenty of cruise tours in the country to try out. The waters surrounding Australia are truly breathtaking. Cruises offer people the chance to sit out in the open sea air and soak up the sun. However, some people prefer to explore the ocean itself. For those, there is no better option than taking a snorkel cruise. The ship makes selected stops at the best areas and lets guests dive into the sea to explore the rich aquatic life.

The roads in the cities of Australia can sometimes present congestion issues. One way of avoiding them is to not travel during public holidays, as these are the days when the roads are busiest. It is better to choose to visit tourist attractions during the quieter times of the year.

There is a vast amount of natural wildlife throughout the country. The problem is that people may be unsure where to see it. Zoos house a varied sample of animals from Australia under one roof. Some of these include Taronga, Adelaide and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

Fans of the TV show the Crocodile Hunter should definitely check out Australia Zoo located in Queensland. It is owned by the family of the late conservationist and television personality, Steve Irwin. The zoo is one of the best places to see captive crocodiles. There is also an abundance of birds, snakes and mammals. This establishment will appeal most to families with children. It not only has stunning wildlife, it is also a very educational experience.