It really is mind boggling just how big the country of Australia is. It is the 6th largest nation in the entire world. The countries that are bigger include: the USA, Canada, Brazil, Russia and China. The landmass of Australia covers over 7,000,000 km2, making it the biggest island on Earth.

This land is separated into 6 different states. These are: New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland. There are also 2 territories: Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory.

Over these states are more than 20 large scale gambling establishments to visit. Since the internet is taking over the industry there are even more Australian casinos online worth checking out. There are countless websites where gamblers can try their luck.

Despite the internet being an important aspect of Australian culture there are vast areas where online coverage is still unavailable. The country has 10 vast deserts that stretch out for miles. Those unlucky enough to get stuck in the middle of one would have to walk for days before finding any signs of civilisation.

These areas are so isolated that they serve as the setting for the horror series Wolf Creek. It focuses on groups of backpackers who find themselves hunted down in the outback. The tension comes from the fact that these characters are stuck in wide open spaces with nowhere to escape to.

Australia is also the home of many different types of animal. There are nearly 400 mammals that are unique to this country. Over 800 species of birds have been spotted there. Perhaps the most famous animal in this country is the crocodile. Australia has 2 species: the estuarine and freshwater. There is also a large number of kangaroos, an animal that has become an iconic image for Australia all over the world.